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Loaf(Toast)Slicer (Spraying Process)


Electric 220 V or 3N 380v/50-60hz
Size: 760*560*780 mm
Power : 0.37 Kw
Net Weight: 78 kg
Max. Slicing Pieces: 31 pcs
Thickness : 12 mm
Conveyor Belt Size: 360*1600 mm
Maximum Roll Weight: 3.5 kg
Roller Material: Stainless Steel
Material: Stainless Steel

Main characteristic:
1. Made of baiting stainless steel, meet stripper plate, limit branch line, limit board, clean and health.
2. Imported slicer, sharp and durable, equal slicing power, section smooth, fast slicing speed, high efficiency.
3. Table-type style, easy to operate, economical and practical.
4. Thickness could be customized according to customers’ demand.

Model Number: GT-YB31