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Dough Sheeter

Size: 1800*110*585 mm
Electric 220v~3n-380v\50~60Hz
Power: 0.75 Kw
Net Weight: 140Kg
Conveyor Belt Width: 520 mm

Main Characterisctcs:
1-Suitable for pastry, crisp cake, melaluca crisp, etc., also can be used for rolling dough.
2-Special materials and manufacuring process, low noise, easy to wear, durable.
3-Using imported components, the best steel, the pressing roller through a special; trearment, not sticking to dough, and not easy be scratched.
4- Pressure roller and scraper with a professional design, uniform thickness, so that the thickness of dough to the best results.
5- Folding structure, save space, easy handling.

Model Number: GT-JMQ520S