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Counter-top Soft Ice Cream Machine


Flavors: Single
Production Capacity: 30L\H
Mix Hopper: 8L
Cylinder: 2.5L
Power: 1.9 Kw
Main Compressor: 1.5HP
Standard: Pre-cooling, mixture agitator, stainless steel handle, automatic rebound valve body, stainless steel shell, Gear Pump
Exhaust Direction: Vertical
Overrun: 30%-60%
Cooling System: Air cooling
Refrigerant: R134A, R404A(standard)/ R448(option)
Electric 220/380v-50/60Hz
Net/ Gross Weight: 121/ 156 Kg
Dimension: 810*380*920 mm

Main Charactristcs:
1-Bottom-Up-Tech™: The Independent pre-cooling chamber beneath will keep your mixture chill and fresh. Automatic mixture agitation will ensure you productsconsistency before freezing.

2- Intelligent Control System: A.ATIS™is an user-friendly control system, it will monitor overal machine performance and log unexpected deviations for easy maintenance. Enable custom setting such as product viscosity, freezing temperature and product counts for smart business owners.

3- Stainless Steel Handle Strong stainless steel handle with Rebound pistons,Rebound pistons- control ice cream making speed Automatic handles homing-press the handles and auto return back

4- New Beater with Retract Action: The newly added retract action will create a full cycle of mixture movement inside the cylinderthis will ensure optimal ice-cream consistengy and minimize waste.

5- New Vertical Ventilation System: Ensure maximum space utilization and machine perlormance Smooth start-up and reboot,quiet operation prolonged machine life. Operation noise between 60-70 decibel.

6- Imported Italy Gear Pump: The adjustable imported Italy gear
pump will produce a stable ice-cream overrun between 30%-60%.

7- Quick Freezing and Big Output: With a new revolutionary TITAN”freezing cylinder and the requires only 8- 10 minutes and 30portions(60g/portion) brilliant 1.5HP Embraco compressor the first dispense can be dispensed continuously.

Model Number: GT-NE1115EL